10 Leadership Mistakes

They say the only perfect parents are those without kids, and from what I know, it’s true for leaders as well.  In discipling young adults, making mistakes is inevitable, but the burden of those mistakes shouldn’t bleed over to the next season.  Since great lessons are buried inside of these blunders, a leaders must remain a student at heart to find them.

We have a color system here at In Triumph that helps the students track their progress or the lack thereof.  Instantly, the newbies start to adjust their personalities (mirror us) and work their “game” in order to fly under the radar, because to be exposed is their greatest fear. They have learned all throughout childhood that most people grade by behavior instead of character, however here at the ministry moralism is appreciated, but not rewarded.

In the beginning you will make mistakes, and have a few slip under your radar.  So although our discernment is not infallible, remaining naive does an injustice to the discipleship process.  If our leadership  skills aren’t improving, their manipulation skills are.  This is what I’ve learned.

1. I confused emotion for sincerity
2. I confused flattery for loyalty
3. I confused passivity for humility
4. I confused compliance for obedience
5. I confused knowledge for belief
6. I confused ambition for service
7. I confused defeat for repentance
8. I confused survival for progress
9. I confused confidence for assurance
10. I confused a Christian personality for Christlike character

It’s difficult to navigate in the middle of it all—our heart can short circuit our eyes at times.  So a solid way for the truth to be revealed, is to look for any contradictions in their behavior.  For example, if a certain person is serving your needs within your organization, but doesn’t jump in to serve the one who’s a possible threat to any of their future opportunities, it’s ambition.  When I get some more time, I will put together a list of the most effective way to disciple.

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