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We all run into people everyday who seem to leave us with a bitter taste in our mouth. Maybe it’s someone you have never met, but know who they are, and finally you ran into them briefly at the grocery store.

Maybe it was someone new from your church who seemed rude as you were walking out the door. Maybe it’s a total stranger whom you’ve never met before. Whatever the case may be, most of us tend to immediately affix the label “officially a rude person”. How often, after something like this happens, do you naturally assume that person is having a bad day? Most of time, you and I assume that person is just a rude person, and then blow them off as if we’ve never been rude ourselves.

Maybe we all assume much less often. Assuming can make an ass out of you and me.

I recently came across this youtube video from a British vlog, Pointless Blog, who’s vlogger addressed this very issue. We can all learn from it. The part on which you need to focus starts about 10 minutes into this video, but the whole video is good.



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