AA Is Not a Christian Program

Bill Wilson, a founder of AA, was a mystic and a seeker of spiritual experiences.  He was not, in my opinion, a Christian.  If you find this hard to believe just look at his own words about “religion”….

“The thing that irks me about all religion is how confoundedly right they all are” – Bill W.

Indeed, many people believe that AA was built on Christian principles.  No way.  Jesus was clear that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No matter how this statement might have irked Bill W., it still stands as a cornerstone of Christian truth.

So, if you are a Christian in recovery, AA might not be the Way for you.  I am okay with people going there; it’s their business.  What I’m asking is that we stop calling it a Christian based program. Besides, why would Christ want me to follow a program that was formed by a man who denied Him?

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