Alabama Football is the Standard

Earlier this year, after a loss to Ole Miss in Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s football program was deemed a dying dynasty. The Crimson Tide responded by ripping off nine wins in a row, and for the most part they did it in a dominating fashion. This weekend the Tide will play in their second straight SEC championship game against Florida. If they win this game they will also make their second straight appearance in the college football playoff. Yes indeed, the Tide is once again in contention for a National Championship, and this isn’t the fluke that some of the so called “experts” would have you believe.

The truth is that Alabama is the standard of modern day college football. Nick Saban’s ability to recruit top athletes and then mold them into his process has proven lethal. However, the Tide’s greatest accomplishment is found in the fact that they have been incredibly consistent in their success. Year after year, Alabama is in the top five in recruiting, academics, and rankings. In the modern era, where competition is at an all time high, this type of focus is truly an amazing feat.

If the Tide wins it all this season that will give them their fourth title in the last six years. (Also, their running back, Derrick Henry, is a Heisman trophy front runner.) All of this doesn’t happen by luck or referee bias. Alabama is the real deal, and until someone stops their dynasty from it’s perseverance and success, they should be given their rightful place as one of the greatest stories that college football has ever seen.

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