Is America Racist?

It seems as if America is obsessed with racism.  Anytime a situation of race arrives we seem to voluntarily poke at old wounds until they fester.  (All in the name of ridding our country of racism…of course.)  Simply put, if something even semi-racist occurs we act as if America alone stirs the prejudice pot while everyone else in the world lives in non racial harmony.  Is that the truth?

No, that isn’t true at all.  Racism is not an American product. Racism is a universal product.  It’s a product that doesn’t derive from circumstance or skin color.  It origins are found in the sinful heart of man.  The proof of this is found in the fact that racism isn’t anymore rampant in America than it is in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East.  In all honesty, the most racist people of our time can be found hurling rockets into Israel, or sharpening their genocidal blades throughout foreign jungles.  These are the true racists.  They know what it means to hate their human counter parts to the point of slaughtering them without remorse.  In light of that perspective, is America truly a racist country?  Should the United States be blamed for racism?  I think the answer is self evident.  America has its problems, but our form of racism isn’t nearly as violent or hateful as the type that thrives throughout third world countries.

So, since we’ve established that racism is a universal problem, what should we do about it?  First, we should address racism for what it is, sin.  It finds its birth in Satan himself, and until Christ reforms the heart we will continue to follow Lucifer’s example by hating our neighbor, and covering that hatred behind “cultural differences.” Thus, racism should be owned as sinful, and we should encourage people to follow the example of Christ instead of encouraging them to follow the perspective of the world.  This is crucial in the fight against racism because it was Christ Himself who broke down the barriers of race via the cross and called a people from all tribes and nations into one nation, under God.

Conclusion: America isn’t racist, sinful humanity is.

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