Before History Dies

As many of you know, I am now a published author. My book, ‘Before History Dies’, debuted two days ago and it’s already an Amazon best seller in the non fiction/government section. Now, I’m not the type of person that likes to self promote, so this post isn’t going to be a “me” fest. I believe a book’s message should be bigger than the author who wrote it. I’m glad it’s selling because that means the message is being sent: History matters, and we can’t allow it to die.

‘Before History Dies’ is a historical book on the Kennedy assassination. It’s filled with interviews from some of the greatest researchers around when it comes to studying JFK’s assassination. I give all the credit to these researchers because without their willingness to speak to me, this book would have been a mere fantasy.

I wrote the book for my generation to have a tool they could use in case they ever wanted to study the assassination of President Kennedy. I believe it’s important to understand this particular event in our history because it led us into the skeptical society we live in today. Nowadays, it’s a common thing to be cynical and to not trust anyone in power. We have lost faith in our government, and we don’t even know why. I believe the reason why can be traced back to how they reacted to President Kennedy’s assassination. My book tries to explain their reasons for doing this, and it also attempts to right the wrongs of the past so a younger generation can shake off the effects of November 22, 1963.

In closing, writing a book is a cool thing to do, but I didn’t do it for praise. As a lover of history, I have researched this case for nearly six years, and have come to believe it effects our worldview today. I want to get younger people involved in the study of history because history is the most important topic someone can study. President Kennedy had a conviction for his country, and he had the guts to do what was necessary, even if it weren’t the politically correct thing to do. I look at some of the candidates we have today, and I don’t see that same conviction being produced. This is because history has been rewritten and nearly removed from our schools curriculum. We can’t allow this to happen to our children because they are our future politicians and government workers. They too must know their history in order to effectively deal with today’s issues. All of this begins at JFK’s assassination. It was the event that thrust us into the “who cares” world we live in today.

In the final analysis, please study your history, and then reach out to people so they will study it as well. We have a responsibility as the up and coming generation to shift the tide of a revisionist history before it gets so muddy we can no longer discern fact from fiction. We must answer the call….before history dies…

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