Inspiration. Perspiration. Motivation. I can’t think of any other “tions” at the moment, but these would certainly describe the amazing American Ninja Warrior competition.

Earlier this year, after a loss to Ole Miss in Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s football program was deemed a dying dynasty. The Crimson Tide responded by ripping off nine wins in a row, and for the most part they did it in a dominating fashion. This weekend the Tide will play in

Tim Tebow: In an age where sexual immorality is grossly celebrated, you can no longer be praised for choosing to be abstinent. Indeed, the moment you take a stand for yourself you will be mocked and ridiculed for being such a “square” by the real moral standards of today, the

It’s that time of year again.  College football is about to don our living rooms once more.  Therefore, it’s also time for my yearly pigskin preview.  After last year’s exciting playoff finale, what will this year have in store for us?  Will Ohio State repeat?  Will the SEC rise again?