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I was asked on Facebook by a friend of mine “Not trying to start an argument with you (or any of your fb friend and cohorts….please don’t turn this into one); Pete knows we share the same intj-ness.
How do you explain/defend trump’s attitudes towards women and young girls to your daughter? And I don’t wanna hear the “no one is perfect” type line of reasoning. That won’t work on me. I agree with it but I don’t accept that for repeated offenses of the nature I’m discussing.”


My response

“Okay, I posted on a thread sometime back when you lost Bennie in the race and had to make a difficult choice on who you would vote for, I stated that although both Hillary and Donald were horrible choices, we have to vote for our polices and platform. You said that this perspective really helped you out. I believe you assumed I was Liberal.

I’ve kept up with your page and realized you were very informed on Trump’s misconduct but not Hillary’s. At least you never once posted any of her legal issues on your timeline. Okay, thats your choice.

But for me, I researched both issues of each candidate, including Bill. I don’t like the taste of propaganda. I have stated that Trump is a narcissistic arrogant pig and Hillary is a wicked power hungry crook. Something most Democrats cannot seem to bring themselves to do with Hillary. Fine.

Now that we see that they are both unfit for office, I have to vote policy and platform. You mentioned my daughter Dorian, and how I could vote for Trump and his attitudes towards women. I thought this election was a perfect opportunity to navigate her through this decision making process.

One, we separated what was crude and what was criminal. This was a none bias look at both sides here. At the end of the day, Trump came up very crude and Hillary very criminal. We didn’t use false accusations here. We didn’t use assumptions either. I’m a rational remember? We used Wikileaks and Trump’s audio tapes. “Hear say” had to be thrown out of both sides.

My daughter and I had to make a hard choice, crude words on a tape or crimes revealed on emails. It was a Words vs Actions assessment. After we chose crude over criminal, we moved to our platform.

As Christians, our top priority is life—being that the Bible states that life starts in the mother’s womb. You might not believe that, but your belief is not relevant to your question. At this point, life trump’s (no pun intended) foreign or economic policies. We believe that on judgement day, we all will be accountable for our pro-life vote, like Nazi Germany was accountable unto God for their pro-choice (one race) vote for Hitler. According to history, Hitler was great for their country, but awful in his choice of life. Were the babies in the wombs of Jewish women not counted as murder? Not all Germans agreed with what the government deemed legal, just like not all Americans agree with aborting babies.

You ask how my vote justified Trump’s treatment of girls who are outside of their mother’s womb. But my real struggle with my daughter was how I could justify a vote for Hillary’s treatment of girls inside of their mother’s womb. Being an INTJ, a big picture person…. not global, but enteral, this was a very logical decision for us to make together.”

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