Gays, Christians, and Stereotypes

As a Christian, I have never once met another Christian who is hateful towards gay people.  Even if I did, it  wouldn’t take me more than five seconds to tell them to step.  I’m not in denial.  I know those false Christians exist.  I just wanted to say that the type of “Christian” being portrayed in the media is not who I am, or who I know personally.  I grew up with gay people in my family, and although I do not agree with their sin, I never have ceased to love them.

Saying that, I’m no hypocrite.  I don’t agree with my sin either, so we are all in the same boat, and this is the essence of true Christianity.  Christ died for the sick; for those who know they cannot save themselves from their sinful nature.  I am one of those guys, and I love Jesus for what He did for me.

Because of this, I love my neighbors as well.  It is not fitting for me, as a sinner saved by grace, to act hateful or self righteous towards other people.  In my worldview, sin is sin, and holiness is found in God’s Word.  I’m not excusing my sin before God, but I am saying that the stereotypical view on Christians is simply not true.

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