I Don’t Bite My Proverbial Nails


I don’t bite my proverbial nails.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve watched all major world events which are covered on the news through the lens of apocalyptic dispensationalism. It’s the only thing I knew until I became reformed.

Every time something major would happen in the Middle East, my mind would go to what I saw in Left Behind. “Wow, we’re getting closer!”, I would say, with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Whenever I heard about the possibility of Israel acquiring a spotless red heifer, I would listen with intrigue and fascination, believing that to be yet another sign that the end is nearer. Maybe right now your jaw may be a little more open than usual, in awe that someone could believe such a thing. Yeah, well, now I’m cool and reformed (just kidding…about the cool part, not the reformed part!).

I don’t know what it’s like for those who see the latest news, and begin biting their proverbial nails, wondering what’s going to happen next, or who will be the next President. It seems, more recently, that every passing election and world event brings about more and more nail-biting for many people, but I honestly don’t know what that’s like. I did know it was like, once upon a time, when the political arena was my god, and when I compared world events to apocalyptic literature, including the book of Revelation. I don’t bite my proverbial nails now. In fact, right now during the last few months of the Presidential election season, I told my wife just the other day that I would be just fine without watching the news again until after the elections. I personally don’t have the desire. Of course, that’s a bit of a joke. I’ll keep watching the news when I want, but I can do it now without trying to figure out how it fits in with the end of the world, or biting my nails. I don’t have to look to the Middle East, or the next President, for confirmation of a future hope. God’s plan in eternity past, eternity present, and eternity future, is to redeem His people, and to condemn those who reject Him at the last judgment. I’m just trying to be salt and light to those around me, and looking forward to the day when Christ comes back for His elect.

Do you get tired of watching politics? Don’t you ever want to just stop trying to figure out which world event is a “sign of the times”? Don’t you ever just want to stop biting your proverbial nails in anxiety about the next President? Maybe you actually do bite your nails.  If you are taking blood pressure meds because your heart rate increases watching the news day in and day out,  just remember that if the Creator isn’t worried about it, neither should you.

The next time you turn on your TV, if the news is going, and you find yourself biting your nails (proverbial or literally), just fire up Netflix and watch Footloose or Back to the Future, and relax. After all, if you’re a Christian, you know who is in control, and already know how all this ends!

How cool is that?



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