My College Football Preview: 2015

It’s that time of year again.  College football is about to don our living rooms once more.  Therefore, it’s also time for my yearly pigskin preview.  After last year’s exciting playoff finale, what will this year have in store for us?  Will Ohio State repeat?  Will the SEC rise again?  Will the little sister schools finally prove they belong?  What about Kansas?  Wait…did I say Kansas?  Let’s see if we can answer some of these questions and more with the top twenty things to watch for in the 2015 season…

1. Ohio State– After shocking the world in last year’s playoffs, Ohio State has emerged as king of the college football mountain.  Cardale Jones returns with his gunslinging cannon, and Ezekiel Elliott is primed to once again terrorize any defensive front he faces.  However, Urban Meyer seems to be the only remaining question mark.  No one can contest his ability to build a program quickly.  He can win with the best of them.  Yet, Meyer had trouble maintaining this same hype when he was at Florida.  What started out as a dream, soon turned into a nightmare.  In 2009, Meyer was over stressed and burnt out on coaching. As a matter of fact, he nearly had a heart attack after trying to repeat with Tim Tebow.  Can he avoid that trap this time around?  Can he handle the drama that his quarterback carousel may bring?  Time will tell. I still think the Buckeyes are a serious threat to repeat.  They have a relatively easy schedule, and they know how to win.  Scary.

2. Alabama- Is the Crimson Tide’s dynasty on the decline?  Maybe, maybe not.  Last year the Tide sometimes looked like an aging boxer, and at other times they looked liked one in his prime.  After hiring Lane Kiffin, the Tide was able to win the SEC and contend for a national championship.  The chinks in the armor, however, were hard to deny.  Will the Tide lack consistency once more?  Who will play quarterback?  Coker? Can Kiffin turn him into an SEC leader like he did Blake Sims?  Indeed, there are a lot of concerns for Alabama’s offensive unit, but the defense is why I’m picking the Tide to win the SEC.  Bama’s front seven is NFL caliber, and with Saban hungry to win again, watch out for the Crimson Tide.

3. TCU- The Horned Frogs probably should have made the playoffs last year.  They had an amazing offense, and their D wasn’t to shabby either.  Heisman trophy candidate Trevone Boykin is poised to shred Big 12 secondaries, and the Frogs seem like a team that’s out to prove their worth.  Long gone are the days of the little engine that could. This team is for real.

4. LSU– I’ll need to see the police reports of those who were arrested in the off season, and then I’ll tell you how this season will go…

5. Kansas- Ahahahahahahahahahahaha……

6. Penn State- I’m serious.  Watch out for Coach Franklin and Christian Hackenberg to surprise the Big Ten community.

7. USC- I’m calling it.  They will lose three games and everyone will have to recant their gushing love for the Trojans.  I mean, did you seriously think they would beat the Ducks?

8. Michigan State- Same old stuff.  They will play great D, and win a decent bowl game.  Don’t buy the hype.  Old Sparty was destined for mediocrity.

9. Notre Dame- The Fighting Irish will be a threat to crack the top ten landscape.  They finished last year by whipping LSU in a physical manner, and Coach Kelly knows how to coach a team to overachieve.  However, I plan on the Irish stumbling against Charlie Strong and company due to their stout defense, and rising desire to reclaim burnt orange glory.

10. Texas- Speaking of the Longhorns, things are looking up.  They will pull off an upset or two, and finish Strong.  (No pun intended.) (9-4)

11. Auburn- Two words:  Will Muschamp.  Yet, without Nick Marshall behind the wheels, is the Gus bus going to run out of gas?

12. Tennessee and Arkansas– Yep.  Dark horse contenders through their stallion running games.

13. Georgia Tech- They murdered the Bulldogs in last year’s BCS massacre.  They have the triple option and confidence to boot. Would you want your team to play them?  Whew…

14. Georgia- Nick Chubb is no joke, and because of that the Bulldogs can finally get over their post season choke habits…or can they?

15. Florida State-  Please see the FBI reports on their old and current QB’s. Thank you.

16. Oregon-  The rich get richer, and Oregon gets slower from here on out.  You had a good ride Ducks…quack quack.

17. Oklahoma- Nope.

18. Small Schools- They will have their cute little moments, but let’s get serious…they will get crushed in this playoff system.  This ain’t your momma’s BCS bowl games son.

19. Texas A&M- They Aggies beat Alabama two years ago, and they have not moved on since.  I think they will soon realize that they should have never left the Big 12.  Also, can someone please work it out to where we can  please see them play Texas again? Grow up.

20. The 6,342 Bowl Games- The college football post season is starting to remind me of my first grade track and field day.  No matter if you win or lose, you still get a white ribbon for participating.

Bonus: Michigan…even Harbaugh needs three years to clean that toilet.





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