My Pastor Saved My Life

October is Pastor appreciate month, and I want to take a moment to tell you about my Pastor. I met Pete Orta​ around five years ago. At that time, I was desperately hooked on drugs and facing possible prison time. I had burnt every bridge available, and I couldn’t find the help or the will power for another run at “clean time”. Simply put, I had given up on life, and was prepared to die in a haze of addiction.

It was through a series of circumstances that Pastor Pete was able to convince the court system in Alabama to allow me to come to his program, In Triumph. Once I was there, and after a few blunders on my part, Christ changed my heart and healed me of my addiction. Even further, my felony was eventually dropped, and my slate was wiped clean like I had never broken a law in the first place. All of this came to be because of God’s grace through Pastor Pete and his family. They endured all of my craziness, and they never quit on me even though I made that difficult at times. They loved me unconditionally, and they faithfully preached Christ to me until it finally sunk into my heart. They not only accepted me into their program, they also accepted me into their family, and treated me like I was one of their own. It changed my life in ways that I could never dream to put down on paper. How can you describe the people who saved your life?

I have heard criticism over my Pastor before. Amazing as it sounds, some people disagree with what he did for me. That is foolishness. If these critics only knew how hopeless my life had become, they wouldn’t dare utter a word about the work of Pastor Pete and his family. In an age of rampant narcissism and theological chest beating, Pastor Pete surrendered his life so that people like me can have a life. After all, what married couple would let people like me come into their home and live there until I know Christ and can walk out a man? Who would let go of their freedoms and finances for such an endeavor? Not many would do this because it’s a mighty sacrifice to make. However, my Pastor did it, and has shown that the Christian calling of discipleship and selflessness has not passed away with our modern day culture. Even if this is not your calling, it’s still a great example of biblical love. Remember, there is no greater love than when a man lays down his life for his friend. My Pastor has definitely followed that example in his Christian walk.

In closing, I not only appreciate my Pastor; I also admire him. He is my best friend, and my mentor. He taught me how to be a man, he taught me Christ in all His glory. He walked with me through some of the most difficult and trying times in my life. I wish I could give you a better glimpse of how much he means to me. I wish you knew how much his family has sacrificed for a nothing to become something in Christ. I’m now a drug counselor in his ministry, and have a heart for lost addicts like myself. I’m a licensed minister of the gospel. I’m solid in God’s Word, and I’m consistent in my integrity. I’m about to publish a book, and I don’t even know how all of this came to be. I don’t say any of this to make this post about me. I’m saying it because it proves who my Pastor is and what he stands for. All of this was impossible without his hands being on the plow. He has worked relentlessly to improve my life. He has dedicated his hours, days,
months, and years towards improving my character. He has provided me with a future that I never would have had without him. Five years ago, I came to him wanting to get off of drugs and alcohol, but he has done so much more for me than that. I know the scriptures, and that is the greatest gift any man could give to a lost cause like myself. I love you Pastor Pete. Soli Deo Gloria.

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