And for those who tend to keep silent about their beliefs or always seem to find a way to keep things “light and entertaining” while everyone else is defending what’s holy unto God, you are the reason this nation has become an abomination. As long as your life is not personally effected it seems to you that we are all just overreaching. For the love of God pick a Biblical principle and speak up about it—what horrible shepherds you’ve become. Yes you, the likable, the charming, the ones who are always smiling and turning the conversation to something more pleasant. Do you press to have the attributes of Christ who brought a sword to the world or Mahatma Gandhi who brought peace? May you spend your eternity with whom you resemble the most. Now I’m not always serious, but when I do choose to celebrate, I do it with those who are fighting by my side—my brothers and sisters in Christ who are not afraid of a little American persecution.

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