Character Profiling: Be Aware of Certain JFK Researchers

As a young author in the JFK research community I have the advantage of looking at this case with a fresh set of eyes.  I am also an experienced character profiler (or criminal if you will), and this gives me some insight into other areas of this case that few people seem to touch on.  My goal in these blogs, as was one the goals in my book, is to help reform the research community for the sake of history.  I’ve been working extremely hard to accomplish that task.

One of the ways to move forward in this process is by exposing the bad character of certain “researchers”.  I do not believe these people can ever be persuaded to honesty so I will not attempt to contact them personally.  Saying that, I want to say this from the get go.  I see a lot of quality researchers waste their time by debating these types of people, all in the hope that they can expose them in their true colors.  This is a misguided strategy because direct confrontation is never the way to expose a narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath.  As a matter of fact…it only furthers their cause…

Simply put, we’re wasting our time trying to call these guys out.  We need to take a step back and create a better game-plan if we wish to shift the research community into logic.  I believe I have that game-plan.  I think if we educate other people on what a “wolf in sheeps clothing” looks like, and we ignore their outlandish claims, we will be able to push them off the debate stage for good…..simply because there will be very few left to engage them.

So, how do we do this?  We should start by profiling WHO the researchers are behind their keyboards and stop focusing on WHAT they claim to know.  Knowing who someone is will oftentimes tell you a lot about why they claim to know certain things.  For example, a researcher may claim to know who was behind the picket fence on November 22, 1963-yet have no evidence to back their theory up-and still stand by their claim no matter what contradicts it. How can they be so blind?  Are they lying through their teeth or are they self deceived?  What kind of person can take the death of a man and build lies around his case in order to sell a theory?  My Answer:  Someone who is selfish in their character has no problem with doing any of that.  For them, the ends justifies the means.

You will never convince these people of their lies because they have sold themselves into an alternative reality.  What I’m saying is that some “researchers” have lied to themselves for so many years that they now believe those lies to be truth.  This causes these types of people to be very detailed in their stories, and also have the ability to look you straight in the eyes while telling it.  (Practice makes perfect.)  Over time this process weakens people’s discernment.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen logical researchers buy into tall tales because, they argue, no one could be that detailed and straight forward if it they weren’t telling the truth…..could they?

Indeed, liars are great at impression management.  This means they are masters at presenting themselves in a image that they know people want to see.  But why do they operate like this in the first place?  What drives people to participate in such insanity?  This is where character profiling can come in handy.  For the most part I have noticed that the fakes in this case fall into three different profiles:

1.  Narcissists: People who are only interested in themselves.  These types love to talk about themselves and demean others who dare criticize them or their work.  It is useless to debate them, or to try to correct them, because they thrive on attention and are usually charismatic enough to gain a following.  If you attack them then you will only enable them to become a martyr for their following.  Narcissists thrive on attention, so please stop giving it to them.  (

2.  Sociopaths: These types love themselves to the point that they lack empathy for others.  They are also master manipulators and liars.  They know how to use others emotions against them in order to get people to do their bidding.  They have the ability to cry on the spot or to compartmentalize their identity depending on who they’re in front of.  This is why certain researchers can sell their false stories to the masses.  The use their superficial glib and charisma to deceive and they don’t mind doing this because they don’t have a conscience in the first place.  Directly confronting a sociopath can be a very dangerous thing to do.  You must hold a sociopath to a workable timeline and not get lost in their emotions.  Once you refuse to buy into their stories, and you don’t allow them to manipulate you with emotions, they will show their real colors if they can’t get what they want.  Also, if you are debating a sociopath, never give them any personal information about yourself.  They will use it to their advantage.  (

3.  Psychopaths: These types occupy the darker side of the JFK community.  They are often the most likable people.  They hold down steady jobs and even have the middle class family to boot.  My point is that they look normal to us.  They aren’t like sociopaths because they don’t have emotional outbursts or sloppy plans inside their tool boxes.  They are very calculated and difficult to discern.  However, they do have a weakness.  They believe they are smarter than everyone around them.  They have huge egos and they love to boast about their strengths and accomplishments.  They also cannot talk about the feelings of others for to long because it frustrates them.  They want the topic to be about themselves or their work and nothing else.  If you want to know if you are dealing with a psychopath then simply keep the topic on empathy.  Talk to them about JFK’s life or others in the community who are good people.  They will soon grow bored with this because they are only stimulated by who or what they can dominate.  If that doesn’t work then challenge their accomplishments or knowledge on a certain topic.  They cannot handle such criticism without exposing who they are.  They will be offended that you cannot see their “greatness” or “importance” in this case. (

Scary isn’t it?  Yet, it reveals a lot about the research community and why so many irrational people seem to be drawn inside it.  The root cause of their attraction is that this case is the perfect breeding ground for their type of character to thrive in.  It’s a historical case where a lot of the people they make claims about have already passed away.  This means they can say what they want about the deceased because they aren’t there to defend themselves against their charges.  Don’t think they aren’t aware of that fact.  Even worse, they also love the attention they get from their detractors.  They use this as a tool to draw more people into their poisonous web.  As I previously pointed out, when their theories are attacked they become the victim in their followers eyes and their popularity grows even bigger.  If you want to know if any researcher fits that description then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How dishonest are they?
  2. Is this case more about JFK or themselves?
  3. How do they handle criticism?

In closing, I want to say this isn’t a shot at anyone in particular.  I’m aware that people might be tempted to take this blog personally, but I’m most likely not talking about you if you think I am.  We all have certain traits of the dysfunctional personalities I’ve described and it’s a healthy sign if we can admit that.  However, there are some among us who are toxic to the research community.  If it offends them so be it.  I hope to expose those who practice such sickness and I’m willing to train others to do the same.  In that, we hopefully can begin to reform the community in a healthier way.

The goal of this blog, I hope, has been accomplished.  I want people to be able to identify who a researcher is, and after they do, I want them to know how to handle them.  If we wish to flush out those who seek to use JFK’s death as a tool to build their personal kingdoms then we must know how to identify their inner workings first.  Stay safe my friends.  Fight for the cause of preserving history from those who seek to steal it.

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