Rope a Dope: Addicts Cannot Be The Victims

If you want to recover, you will need to admit that you’re not a victim to drug addiction.  Even further, you must drop all of the world’s jargon over how drugs force you to be a bad person. No they don’t.  There’s nothing wrong with dope, there something wrong with those who abuse it.  What is the issue? Well……its love.

When I used drugs, and did the awful things that come along with that lifestyle, I wanted to.  Deep down it was the lust for the high that pushed me.  Although I wanted to believe that I was a decent guy who hit hard times, the truth was far uglier.  I woke up everyday, and chased what I loved.  I loved it more than family, friends, and/or life itself.  I wasn’t a victim to circumstances at all.  I did what I wanted, and I submitted my life to it daily.

But, that’s the problem is it not?  We love it, don’t we?  We love our addictions, because we love our sin. You see, we loved selfishness far before we ever popped a pill.  We loved lying years before we schemed our loved ones for money.  We did evil in our hearts before we ever did it with our hands. Yes, we fell in love with sin early and practiced it often.  Yet, how do we change this natural love?

The Bible has the answer.  God calls us to repent. Meaning, we no longer try to avoid our guilt for loving sin.  We stop seeing ourselves as victims, and see ourselves as sinners in need of God’s grace.  Listen, you will never change this natural love for sin.  You can restrain it through clean time, but you can never get inside your heart and reverse your desires.

Therefore, submit your life to Christ.  Admit to God that you are not a victim; that you love sin more than Him.  Cry out to Him to give you a new heart, with new desires.  He will not turn away someone who admits their guilt, and wants Him to renew their desires.  After this transformation happens, then you will be free from the love of sin, and in that, you will free from the love of addiction.

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