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I have a confession to make, but I do not know if it truly qualifies as a confession when I have no intentions of stopping.  If you have ever been so kind to have invited my wife and I over for dinner, the moment the conversation began to gravitate from the living room towards the kitchen (it always does), I used that opportunity to lag behind and take a quick peek at your bookshelf.  Like a chiropractor, I ran my fingers across the spine of your library, nodding and moaning as I got a feel for every literary vertebra that helped shape your body of thought.  A bit presumptuous I know, but a prologue like this can assist you in avoiding any topics that could ruin an evening, for my wife.  The Kindle has somewhat removed this advantage from me.  But as long as I can spot, for instance, a book like The Purpose Driven Life on a coffee table, I will have enough insight to steer clear from any conversations regarding theology.

Even if I haven’t had a chance to rummage through your library yet, a person’s vocabulary usually prompts me to ask “What book are your currently reading?”  Or even a more productive question “What books do you reread?  I love knowing what people are developing within themselves, even if it is just a sense of wonder from a Science Fiction book.  Our intake shapes who we are, and with today’s social circus, it’s becoming more difficult to control the content that we absorb.  We are subjected to so much useless information day to day, that knowing how people supplement the stupidity is truly helpful.

Lets have a bit of fun, and switch gears here.  Imagine if someone broke into your custom-built home and released ten thousand wood eating termites into your attic without your knowledge.  As your life carries on with love and laughter, the structure of your dream home was losing its density.  However, on the 5th year anniversary of that break in, you received a letter from a woman informing you that it was her who released the termites into your attic because of a pro-life article you posted on Facebook five years ago.  How long would it take before you headed up to your attic?  And how upset would you be after discovering the letter to be true?  Think about what would justify your anger.  Anybody would be furious due to the cost of the house and the damage done to it.  I wouldn’t condemn your anger, but allow me to put it into context.

I want to start off with a question.  If you were forced to choose between termites eating you out of house and home without your knowledge, or while under anesthesia for a minor surgery a doctor injecting you with a brain deteriorating virus, which would you choose?  If you say your house, you might already need to see a neurologist.

This is the perspective I try and hold on to when considering what I let crawl around in the attic of my head.  I have this imaginary gatekeeper who holds a bronze scepter in his right hand as he stands at the front of my brain approving what comes in.  Now I realize many of you are wondering why I don’t  employ him to monitor what comes out as well, but that’s another story.  Anyway, he does relax when I’m driving a car, apparently he thinks it is important for me to have the ability to read and comprehend road signs while operating a vehicle.  But, this is also when businesses take the opportunity to hijack your mind and insert their agenda with clever campaigns.

Before the internet, billboards and television commercials were the only way our minds could be subjected to an unwanted newsfeed.  The darts of propaganda had to be strategic back then.  Today, anybody can be an ad agency, philosopher or theologian.  The moment you signup for Facebook you soon realize that the microphone is on.  Mic check, testing 1-2-3…. ummm is my mic on?  

Just imagine.  What if Facebook printed out a transcript each year of every comment, rant, complaint, caption and undeveloped opinion that you ever read, bad grammar and all.  The 2014 Facebook Book so to speak.  Every edition would have 12 chapters, one for every month, complete with all the desaturated food, pet, and kid pics your brain catalogued while you were online creeping.  And as a bonus, there would be a centerfold layout of that cousin who can’t stop taking over exposed selfies that look more Geisha than Glam.

 What would your Facebook Book look like?  Would you make it required reading for your children?  Maybe this is a better question.  If you saw it on the shelf at a Barns & Noble, would you buy it?  This is not only destroying the English language, but our culture.  When our youth dilutes the word Epic, it’s time to make a stand.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook.  I enjoy social media as a whole.  Real time news and keeping up with people you enjoy has changed the world we live in.  I am not one of those who complains about it but continues to use it.  Or some of those religious Christian gnostics who remove themselves every 4 months from the devils tool, only to return.  It has its place.  But to retain a healthy perspective on things, limited access should be given to these negative, cynical, directionless, small minded  exhibitionists that have found a way to bait us in with their narcissism.  Follow those who want something different.  Those who challenge themselves to be better.  Those who inspire others and get inspired when they see others win.  Like anybody else, I struggle in this life, but I refuse to make matters worse by letting the unbridled thoughts of someone else sneak into my attic and eat away at what God intended for His word to renew.  About this, I am unapologetic.

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