The Liberal Pulpit

The church’s “liberal media” is the pulpit that preaches “easy believism”.  Christians do not fact check.  They just sit in the pews and swallow the devil’s propaganda.  We aren’t allowed to “test all things” because the Liberal Pulpit says it’s offensive.  We cannot tell someone thier theology is wrong.   We cannot say to another you believe a false Gospel.  Those who carry the true Gospel have been muzzled.  We have been demonized. We have been called narrow minded.  We are deemed haters.  Bigots.  These are words you hear from the media, the Devil’s mouth!  Regardless of doctrine we are forced to bring unity instead of holiness.  We cannot use the Sword to cut and divide like Jesus did.  We cannot rebuke or correct one another.  And a price will be paid if we judge someone by their fruits.  We might have gained back our religious freedom in the world, but they are far from being found inside the church.


There is only one Gospel—one interpretation of who you think Christ is.

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