There’s Usually Always Someone

Some people experience it early in life, some people experience it later in life. But most people experience it sometime in their life. I’m sure you remember that Sunday school teacher, or grade school teacher, or high school teacher, or college professor, or close friend.

Someone who had a major impact on you and changed the direction of your life to a large degree. Of course, we’re all influenced by God. Whether you acknowledge it or not, He has directed of your life. If you’re a Christian, it was when the Holy Spirit supernaturally changed your mind about God. It was as if you once had cataracts in your eyes and the Holy Spirit put new lenses in…you’re seeing the same view, but through a different lens. Totally different. So apart from the Creator, (and your spouse, if you’re married) most of you have had at least one person who was so influential that it seriously changed your life. There’s usually always someone.


For me, there’s been three people (other than God and my wife). The first person was Dustin, a guy I met several years ago that challenged my view on the an entire church culture in which I used to be involved. He was also the person who first introduced me to sovereign grace.

The 2nd person is my pastor (and the elders at church). They have had a major impact on my worldview and belief system, always reiterating the need to always read Scripture in context, and not to add things that aren’t there.

More recently that person is Pete Orta. He has challenged my views on some major issues, but supporting much of what I already knew. He may not like me talking about him, but it’s true.

Even more bizarre in my mind is that I haven’t known Pete long, but in a fairly short amount of time, he’s changed my perspective on many things. We don’t even go to the same church. We don’t even live in the same state! My wife would wholeheartedly agree, because she’s been on the receiving end as well. Pete has been very patient, and has taken the time to explain many things on many levels. He’s explained things practically which has supported what I’m already hearing in church. He’s challenged my thinking, always pointing me to Scripture to support his challenges. And it makes sense.

Before I found a church which focused on who God is and His redemptive history, and before God put Pete in my life (along with other brothers and sisters from church), I really believed by salvation occurred in my late 20’s. But in a very real way, I still find myself wondering if my salvation happened only recently. Even though there was a definite, real change that occurred several years ago, the change that has occurred more recently is in some ways more drastic. Maybe I’ll never know exactly when I was converted. All that counts is that I am converted.

In His sovereign grace, God used Pete to shake up some major parts of my belief system, and I will be forever grateful to him. Thanks, bro.

Of course, Soli Deo Gloria.



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