Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow:

In an age where sexual immorality is grossly celebrated, you can no longer be praised for choosing to be abstinent. Indeed, the moment you take a stand for yourself you will be mocked and ridiculed for being such a “square” by the real moral standards of today, the media. What a shame that being pure has become the new evil.

Secondly, I don’t know the whole back story behind Tebow’s break up because it’s none of my business. I have enough trash in my own heart to deal with before I worry about Tebow’s relations with someone else. It seems to me like he dated outside of his zone, but that’s not the point of this post. No, it’s a lot deeper than that my friends. We have an empathy problem in our culture and it’s only getting bigger as it festers with each new story of someone’s personal “failures”.

But that’s the whole motive behind this new Tebow story, isn’t it? The world enjoys a moral individuals fall because it lets everyone off the hook for their immorality. When a guy like Tebow has a break up due to his convictions people seem to jump for joy! Why? What has he ever done to offend anyone? Name me one act that this guy has committed that compares to the corruptions of our other social heroes? You can’t.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The guy is legit in his convictions and he proved it when his junk mail was broadcast to the world earlier today. So, now that we have established that there is no logical reason to bash Tebow, why do people enjoy this story so much? Why is he being made fun of for making a personal decision?Hmmmmmm…..could it be because people feel better if this guy is a fake? Wait a minute….that can’t be it! He proved he wasn’t by the actual break up. Darn it! I guess the only thing we have left is to mock his beliefs until our consciences feel better.

I hope you’re catching my sarcasm in all of this, because it’s just silly to me that people even have the time to participate in such hypocrisy. If any of Tebow’s critics can provide me one shred of evidence that they have room to talk about beliefs, ethics, and morals, then I might fall out of my chair. These same critics applaud schemers and liars all day long, while they also turn a blind eye to the decent stories of the world. Even worse, this all stems from a lack of empathy. It’s simple really: people could care less about the pain they cause Tebow or his family. They find it more important to spread his personal life abroad than preach against child pornography or the other sins of this world. Yes, it’s the nature of the beast, but I’m getting sick of the beast fattening itself on innocent people. If certain writers would just ask themselves what it actually feels like to be in Tebow’s shoes, they may actually grow a heart and not write the slanderous articles they do. I’m not holding my breath.

In closing, I applaud Tebow for taking a stand. Our culture seems to have forgotten that morality was once respected, if not edified. What’s more tragic is that many have also lost their empathy for other human beings. We’re in a scary place. It’s no longer enough for people to rejoice at the failures of others. Nowadays, they also want to make sure you suffer for your convictions as well. Lord, come quickly.


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