Why Conservatives Were Afraid of Hillary Clinton

To be fair, I have considered why radical leftists are rioting in the streets of America. They say that they are afraid. They fear what a Trump presidency will bring upon minorities and the LGBT communities. They fear a conservative agenda and the hatred that the right might spread against the anti religious. They fear another war in the Middle East. They fear racist rhetoric and sly elitism from those in power. Simply put, they fear the loss of all they have gained underneath President Obama. Some of these points are understandable.

However, I and many other conservatives have lived in fear as well. It’s time the left heard our voices too. Throughout the last four years I feared my freedom of speech being squashed underneath the tolerance buzzsaw, and we saw that happening more and more during the progressive campaign. I feared my freedom of religion being trampled on due to it being deemed as offensive to others beliefs. I feared being forced to get health care insurance by the government and that opening the door for them to force me to do other things as well. I feared my right to bear arms being slowly ripped away and rewritten due to the acts of a few mentally unstable people. I feared babies being aborted at the last minute, a few for health reasons and many for selfish reasons. I feared heroine flooding our communities and safe haven places for criminal immigrants. I feared radical terrorism being allowed to fester in the Middle East while our leaders seemed to have no answer for it. I feared an elite media that is clearly not credible in their reporting and is bias in their worldview. I feared being portrayed as a bigoted racist who was ignorant and narrow minded…every time I didn’t agree with your worldview. In my own country I was being suppressed via an emotional and angry mob of leftists, the same mob that is violently rioting the streets today…it was, and is, scary indeed.

Simply put, this country was built for the freedoms of all Americans and not just people from the progressive movement. Let’s face the facts. America was close to becoming one sided. It was swinging so far left that we seldom had a voice in crucial issues, and that is a scary thing for any democracy/republic to flirt with because it soon becomes a dictatorship ran by tyrants. This is all in good discussion my friends, but make no mistake about it. We have as much fear for your candidate as you have for ours.

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