You Cannot Change Your Own Desires

The world is always preaching self improvement.  Do this or do that to be a better you.  Get a routine.  Work out.  Get educated.  Grind your teeth until you abstain from your weaknesses.  This all sounds feasible, yet how often do they fail us?  I can’t tell you how many times I have taken up one of those new resolves, yet it wasn’t long until I fell back into my old desires.  Oh, wretched man that I am!

But, that’s the whole point is it not?  I am a wretched sinner, not someone who needs a little self improvement.  The reason why the world is constantly selling self help formulas is because we are constantly not improving as people.  Why?  Becuase we love to do what is wrong!  Our deepest desires are for sin.  This means we can excercise and eat right all day long, but that won’t touch the desire of our heart.  Sure, we might find the occasional guy who can uphold a formula or two, but how will he root out the pride, lust, or control that’s embedded within him?

The good news of the gospel is that Christ dosen’t require you to follow a formula for self improvement.  As a matter of fact, He wants us to turn away from all our efforts to improve ourselves, and to come to Him in repentance.  We must confess to the Lord that we cannot improve our actions, because we cannot change the sinful desires that drive those actions in the first place.  Therefore, be encouraged my struggling friends.  The Lord will change our innermost desires.  He will take that old soul that loves to sin, and He will start renewing it into His image.  Pray for this change today.

In closing, look to the Lord for any change of desire.  The world’s formulas seem wise to the unseeing eye, but their yoke is heavy and their burdens are crushing to our spirit.  Christ died for the weak.  He died for those who know they don’t just need a change of attitude; they need a new heart that is filled with Holy desires.  Trust in Him.

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