Your Greatest Opponent

Dear Liberals,

Just for the record, not all Republicans are illiterate uncultured narrow-minded meatheads who misinterpret the Bible. Some of us are those scary well read Christian apologists who can systematically dismantle the liberal agenda with historical facts and proper hermeneutics concerning our Constitution. Many of us do not voice our thoughts in order to not be demonized by you. For example, the media tells you that Christians hate gay people, but yet you cannot find one Christ follower who supports this claim. Then on the other hand, you believe conservatives are racists, when what we really despise is cultures of entitlement. Stop swallowing everything the media feeds you. 

It’s obvious that there are only two possibilities for the Presidency, Trump and Hillary. Both candidates are a hideous choice so we Republicans are forced to cast our vote to the side that supports our policies. For conservatives, the abortion of American babies is our highest concern. This is why a third party vote cannot be wasted—human lives depend on it. So if our Republican candidate lies and fails to follow through with his promises, it’s on him, not us. Comprende?

However, regardless of the immense amount of illegal and unethical proof found in Hilary Clinton’s body of work, I believe she will still be our next President. I also believe that we will never have another conservative in the White House again. That being said, you Liberals can settle down now—you have not only won this political battle, you have successfully won the war. Now you have no one to oppose or challenge your views and policies.

What’s scary is that most of you, if not all of you, love that you have killed your greatest opponent. You hate the spirited tug-of-war that brought balance to our nation. Now you can pull left and no one can stop you, literally. We use to be accountable to each other, but instead of us being our brother’s keeper, like Cain and Able, you would rather us die a political death so you can dictate things from here on out. Why do you refuse to let us carry the baton for a term or two or let us have an equal amount of seats on the Supreme Court? I miss the balance we once had. It wasn’t perfect, but it was fair. I don’t understand how you Liberals can fight for equality as you blot us out of the race? We are now slaves to your agenda and subject of your propaganda. Enjoy.

Your Greatest Opponent

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